ArcDiff - History
  Version 1.7.2 2010-9-25
  • Link to new address of the product from 'About' dialog.
  Version 1.6 2003-2-15
  • New feature : Option to compare files based on CRCs.
  • Bug fix : When specified 'Specific Folder', viewing files and funcctions related on file path may not work.
  Version 1.5.3 2002-10-3
  • Bug fix : About Box shows license key always blank.
  Version 1.5.2 2002-9-29
  • Bug fix : Cannot run on OSR1 and earlier versions of Windows 95.
  Version 1.5.1 2002-9-26
  • Improvement : Accepts drag and drop from Explorer to ArcDiff's icon on the desktop.
  Version 1.5 2002-9-25
  • New feature : Command line parameters to launch from .BAT script and short cut.
  Version 1.4.1 2002-8-22
  • Bug Fix : Sometimes mis-judges equal two files as 'content different'. When running on Windows 95,98 and ME, and comparing zip archives. 
  • Bug Fix : Blank value of the 'Specific folder inside' is not remember for the next time.
  Version 1.4 2002-7-14
  • New Feature : Limits comparison on a specific folder common inside both targets.
  • Bug Fix : 'Prev' and 'Next' occur program stopping error on some case.
  • Bug Fix : 'Browse archive' does not act when corresponding path box does not empty.
  • Bug Fix : Closing the software when the window minimized, at the next time launced, the screen does not appear.
  Version 1.3 2002-7-10
  • New Feature : Support of TAR archive.
  Version 1.2.2 2002-6-30
  • Bug Fix : On Windows 95,98 and ME, if you specify a root folder like 'C:\', ArcDiff reports all existing files missing on the folder.
  Version 1.2.1 2000-10-11
  • Bug Fix : Compare's option 'Ignore time stamps if contents equal' and 'Ignore attributes if contents equal' does not work well for folders.
  • Bug Fix : Unable to handle ZIP archives built by a WISE installer.
  Version 1.2 2000-5-22
  • New Feature : Launch 'FC'(File Compare' command to compare files.
  • New Feature : Launch Text editor to browse a file.
  • Bug Fix : Misjudge as not eqal on files which is on zip archive and has charactor '[' on its file name.
  Version 1.1.2 2000-3-12
  • Bug Fix : On the print layout dialog, the font size does not shown correctly in some cases.
  Version 1.1 2000-3-7
  • New Feature : New options to classify by date.
  • Improvement : A files that the left side is file and the right side is folder,  are listed in one line, though in two separate lines on older versions.
  Version 1.0.2 2000-2-2
  • Improvement : New options to ignore time stamps and attributes.
  • Bug fix : Archiver DLLs and mfc DLLs are not installed correctly.
  • Bug fix : A password required when comparing archive files which include any subfolders.
  Version 1.0 2000-1-16
  • First version.