DiskDB - History
  Version 2.12.2 2010-9-25
  • Link to new address of the product page from 'About' dialog.
  Version 2.12.1 2004-1-12
  • Bug fix : Muse cursor jumps to property pane when changing selection on the tree pane if you set the mouse option jumping cursor to default push botton.
  Version 2.12 2003-12-27
  • New feature : Option to off the auto date prefix on new entry names.
  • Improvement : Culumn heading on printing pages.
  • Bug fix : Does not remember that View - Property Bar is off.
  Version 2.11.4 2003-11-17
  • Bug fix : Does not act View Option's Window Arrangement.
  Version 2.11.3 2003-11-12
  • Bug fix : Does not remember if show or not tool bar and status bar.
  Version 2.11.2 2003-10-19
  • Improvement : Remembers maximized state of the window.
  • Bug fix : Fails to register if the disk has volume labels which includes \ (backslash).
  Version 2.11.1 2003-9-10
  • Bug fix : Job scripts registering new disk tells failed though it succeeded.
  Version 2.11 2003-9-6
  • New Feature : Script which automates disk registring operation.
  Version 2.10.1 2003-3-17
  • Bug fix : File listing window (second window) shows always blank the 'Name' fillds when any field is set hide at the 'View > Option' dialog. This problem lies just on the version 2.10 and 2.9.
  Version 2.10 2003-3-8
  • New feature : On the Export and Printing, option to filter exporting / printing entries to just folders.
  Version 2.9 2002-12-21
  • New feature : Option to configure columns if show or not on the disk list pane.
  • Bug fix : If the view type (configurable on the View Option)  is 3, when saving comment for a file, it be rejected with a message 'must less 500 charactors'.
  Version 2.8.2 2002-12-8
  • Bug fix : If the 'Type 2' view is selected and if push TAB key twice just after DiskDB started then DiskDB stops with an application error.
  Version 2.8.1 2002-10-25
  • Bug fix : The search did not hit the comment of the files and folders.
  Version 2.8 2002-10-24
  • New feature : Each files and folders hold your comments.
  • Bug fix : The comment field on the volume property may not show all of you wrote if the comment text includes blank line(s).
  Version 2.7.7 2002-10-3
  • Bug fix : About Box shows license key always blank.
  Version 2.7.6 2002-8-1
  • Improvement : Shows free space of the disk on the property pane.
  • Improvement : New option to specify if scans inside self extracting archive files.
  Version 2.7.5 2002-7-29
  • Bug fix : At registering new disk, if the option 'Archive files step into' is ON, DiskDB may close suddenly some times.
  Version 2.7.4 2002-7-15
  • Bug fix : If a disk's volume label includes some peculiar charactor such as '*', fails to register (catalog) it.
  • Bug fix : Closing the DiskDB when the window minimized, at the next time launced, the screen does not appear.
  Version 2.7.3 2002-7-4
  • Bug fix : At search dialog, search result lsit does not have appropriate file path names.
  • Bug fix : At search dialog, clicking search result lsit occurs program error and stops.
  Version 2.7.2 2002-5-17
  • Bug fix : At changing size of the left pane by draging the border bar, the look of DiskDB comes broken..
  Version 2.7.1 2002-5-9
  • Bug fix : If the Windows Task Bar is located on the left edge of desktop, DiskDB's window is partially hidden under the Task Bar when starting up.
  • Bug fix : At Print or Prit Preview, stops with program error.
  • Bug fix : At Export, cataloged informations inside of archive files - such as ZIP - are not exported.
  Version 2.7 2002-4-7
  • New feature : Scans directories inside TAR archive files.
  • Bug fix : On the Export dialog, the Browse button does not act..
  • Bug fix : The menu:Edit-Clip path name does not work well in some cases.
  Version 2.6.1 2002-1-28
  • New features :

  • - Puts path names of the selected files on the clipboard.
    - Selects all files on current folder.
    - Moves to one level upper folder.
    - Expands and fold all subfolders.
  • Bug fix : On the Windows 95,98 or ME, on the second (file listing) window, on name editing mode, clicking the edit box leads program error to stop the DiskDB.
  Version 2.6 2001-12-11
  • New feature : Catalogs directories inside archive files (ZIP,LZH,CAB,RAR).
  • Bug fix : On some cases it fails to Copy, Cut, Paste, Drag or Drop catalogued volume(s) to another folder in the database. This problem does not appear version 2.5.1 and earlier.
  • Bug fix : If a folder has ']' charactor on its name, the files on the folder are not shown.
  Version 2.5.3 2001-9-16
  • Bug fix : Menu Print Layout occures program error on a case.
  • Bug fix : Printing unexpectedly limits output in 10 pages even if the "All Pages" seleced.
  • Bug fix : Compare's options 'Ignore time stamps if contents equal' and 'Ignore attributes if contents equal' does not work well for folders.
  Version 2.5.2 2001-7-11
  • Improvement : Speed for Search, Compare, Export, Browsing and all DB accesing operations.
  • Improvement : Shows file and folder properties on the property window as well as volumes.
  Version 2.5.1 2001-6-4
  • Improvement : On Print layout, default of "subfolders" changed to OFF from ON, to avoid to print out big quantity of paper unexpectedly.
  • Improvement : On Search dialog, on the case you set the 'on File name' and 'Folder name' off, search speed is improved.
  • Misc. : Default database location changed to DiskDB's program folder from the desktop.
  Version 2.5 2001-4-2
  • New feature : Printing
  • New feature : Export option to choose fields.
  Version 2.4 2001-3-4
  • New feature :Window arrangement option which allows you customize the look and operation feel.
  • Bug fix. : Cannot execute the Tool:Restore command.
  Version 2.3 2001-2-21
  • New feature : Compare options to ignore some fields and filter search results.
  • New feature : Click a result on a Search and Compare to jump to the file position in the DB.
  • Bug fix. : Installer does not setup a DiskDB's shortcut on Start - Program menu.
  • Bug fix. : Export does not generate correct output when exporting a database folder to export all volumes under the folder.
  • Bug fix. : Volume list does not show the informatis such as volume label, capacity and etc.
  Version 2.2 2001-2-5
  • New feature : Launch the files on original media.
  • Misc. : Installer installs the MFC runtimes.
  Version 2.1.3 2000-11-25
  • Bug fix : Using the Find(Search) function, some qualifying files may not get listed. For example, assume Text.txt is cataloged and search by a keyword 'text' in lower case.
  • Improvement : Search option. Separated file name and folder name.
  Version 2.1.2 2000-11-19
  • Bug fix : On some version of Windows 95, cataloging operation of CD-ROM fails showing a message 'Failed to access to the device'. No pleoblem other than CD-ROMs on 95. Windows 2000,NT,Me,98 have no problem at all.
  Version 2.1.1 2000-10-28
  • Bug fix : Application error when 

  • 1) Rename a cataloged disk entry. Or rename when registering new disk
    2) Then just after it, modify 'Comment' field of  the right pane and push 'Save' button.
  • Bug fix : Compare's result listing shows some rows as blank when the number of different files is over 10,000.
  Version 2.1 2000-9-25
  • New feature : Importing database.
  • Bug fix : Copying folder does not work. Acts as moving.
  • Bug fix : On Windows 95,98, the menu[Edit:Copy] occurs application error. Copying with drag and drop too. No ploblem on Windows NT,2000.
  • Bug fix : On Windows 95,98, the menu[Edit:Cut] does not work. Moving with drag and drop too. No ploblem on Windows NT,2000.
  Version 2.0.2 2000-9-2
  • Bug fix : When the 'menu:Database:New' or 'Open' executed, the left pane shows nothing. If you close the DiskDB and launch it again, it shows the contents correctly.
  • Bug fix : On the Search dialog, if you set a word beginning with Japanaese charactor(MBCS) for the KEYWORD, no search result would be shown even though any hit exists.
  Version 2.0 2000-7-19
  • New feature : Archive and Restore FDs entirely keeping boot capability.
  • New feature : Export database with CSV format.
  • Bug fix : Does not work the Search(Find) function on English Windows.
  Version 1.6 2000-6-2
  • Bug fix : Does not run on old version of Windows 95. e.g. before OSR2.
  • Bug fix : Digest does not registered though the digest checkbox is set ON at the registering dialog.
  Version 1.5 2000-5-16
  • Bug fix : Consumes too much memory when registering disks to the DB.
  • Bug fix : Takes too long time when closing Compare dialog.
  Version 1.4 2000-5-10
  • Bug fix : DiskDB does not show contents of the DB when running on Windows 98, 95. No problem on Windows NT, 2000.
  Version 1.2 2000-3-30
  • New feature : Comparing.
  Version 1.1.1 2000-3-20
  • Bug fix : Registration key.
  Version 1.1 1999-12
  • New feature : Searching (Finding) files.
  Version 1.0 1998
  • First version.