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Catalogs, browses and searchs directories of CD-ROM,ZIP,FD,Hard Disks and all storage media without having mount them. Disk Catalog Tool, File Catalog Tool, File Catalog Software, Directory Printing  DiskDB  ..  disk and file cataloging and organizing tool  
 What is DiskDB ?
  Disk and file organizing software which allows you catalog, browse, search and print directories of offline storage media without having mount them such as CD-ROM,ZIP,FD,Hard Disks and etc.
  • Catalogs directory informations of CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs,MOs,ZIPs,FDs,Hard Disks and any type of storage media.
  • Including inside archive files (ZIP,LZH,CAB,RAR,TAR).
  • Shows the directory and file informations based on the database (catalog) through Windows Explorer-like browser. 
  • Creates folders to organize your media in the database.
  • Searchs across all media in the database.
  • Compares between media and database at different times to show changes.
  • Backups and restores FDs, with raw data image, preserving boot up capability.
  • Exports file informatins from the database to a file in a CSV or TEXT.
  • Prints file informations stored on the database.
For Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4.0 and Windows Me, 98, 95.
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 Download  Version 2.12.2  What's changed
  DiskDB is a shareware. If you continue using beyond the trial, please purchase the license. The trial period is left to your wise decision. Your license keys which you purchased in the past are available on this latest version.
 Personal License Personal use : One license for one person, which is allowed to install on all your own PCs.
   Buy now using RegNow  US$ 12
 Enterprise License Business use. One license for each computer which this software is installed.
   Buy now using RegNow  US$ 50
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